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Many people know that the Sunan Kalijaga was originally named Raden Said. Son of the Duke of Tuban Wilatikta Tumenggung. Wilatikta Tumenggung often called Raden LAOS, although he belongs to the descendants of Hindu Ranggalawe Raden Sahur own but had to convert to Islam.
Since childhood Raden Said was introduced to Islam by the religious teachers Duchy of Tuban. But because they saw some or environmental conditions that contradict the common people's life, Raden Said the rebel soul. Youthful surge Raden said as explosive when seeing the practice of government officials in the Duchy Tuban levy taxes on residents or the common people.

People who at that time had suffered greatly due to the long dry season, the more miserable, they have to pay taxes in what is sometimes not in accordance with existing regulations. Even far from their abilities. Often they are to supply rations to face the next harvest was confiscated by the tax collector. Raden Said, who knew it had asked the question that prop in his heart. One day he faced his father.

"Rama Duke, this year people are getting a lot of misery because of failed harvests," said Raden Said. "Why do they still have to shoulder burdened with taxes strangle them. Is my conscience does not feel sorry for Rama for their suffering? "

Duke Wilatikta glaring red son circumstances. A moment later he drew a long breath and then made a sound, "Said my son ... .. current center of Majapahit's government needs a very large fund to carry out the wheels of government. I was just a subordinate of the King, what dayaku reject task to me. Not only Duchy of Tuban is obliged to pay tribute more than years ago. Other Duchy also get a similar job. "

"But ... ... why should the people who become victims." And he said Raden Said. But Raden Said not go on. He saw his father's face when it turned into a red heart sign is offended or angry. For the first time Raden Said made his father angry. It is during hiduptak ever done.

Raden Said knew myself. With a grumble he ducked and retreated from the front of his father who was angry.
Yes, Raden Said do not need to continue the question. Because he was able to answer himself. Majapahit was in need of funds because of the country often face the chaos, both rebellion and civil war.

Although Raden Said the son of a nobleman he would prefer a free life, which is not bound by the indigenous customs of the nobility. He liked to mix with the commoners, or with all levels of society, from the lowest to the top. Precisely because of her social outgoing knowing that he had many people's lives selukbeluk Tuban. Intention to reduce the suffering of the people had submitted to his father. But it seems his father could not do much. He's pretty well understood his father's position as duke of Majapahit subordinates. But the intention was never extinguished.
If the previous nights, he often was in his room while proclaiming the holy verses of the Qur'an, so now he's out of the house.

Warehouse keeper in the Duchy was sound asleep, Raden Said took some agricultural products drawn from the people to be deposited to the Majapahit. Raw food was distributed to the people who really need it.
Of course, the people who do not know what a shock it received mixed delight sustenance unexpected. Although they never knew who the hell gave it sustenance, Raden Said why do it at night in secret.
Not only people surprised by the provision that seems to come down from the sky. Duchy warehouse keeper also felt shocked, nervous heart, because every day who want to barangbarang deposited into the center of Majapahit kingdom diminish.

He wants to know who is the thief of agricultural produce goods in the warehouse. One night he accidentally accidentally peered from a distance, from behind a house, not far from the warehouse Duchy.
She was right, someone opened the door of the barn, almost unblinking attention to the warehouse keeper, thief itu.Dia hardly believe it, the thief was Raden Said, son of lord himself.
To report himself to the Duke Wilatikta he did not dare. Worried considered a slander. So the warehouse keeper is only asked two witnesses from the Duke to catch the thief who took the people who produce stored in warehouses.

Raden Said never thought that tonight's actions would be discovered.
When he was about to come out of the barn, carrying groceries, three men caught him and his Duchy prajurid evidence carried. Raden Said his father kehadapan taken.
"It's embarrassing for it!" Snapped Duke Wilatikta. "Not if I was, really I do not guarantee the Duchy of life in this palace?
Did I ever forbade him to eat his fill of this court?
Or I never gave you clothing? Why did you do it tecela deed? "

Raden Said made no sound. Let, whispered her heart. Let people never knew to what the goods stored in the warehouse that I took the Duchy. Let my father never knew to whom the goods I give. Duke Wilatikta increasingly angry at his son's attitude. Raden Said no answer to whether he stole the goods to agricultural products that were deposited into the Majapahit.

But it Raden Said to be punished, because the crime of stealing the first time he did so he only got a sentence of two hundred times a whip in his hand. Then held for several days, not allowed to leave the house.
Raden Said Jerakah the punishment already received? After exit from the punishment he's really out of the palace. There was never home, so make anxious mother and sister. What do Raden Said's next?

He wore a special mask, dressed all in black and then rob the wealth of the rich in Tuban district. Especially rich are stingy and Duchy officials who cheat. Itupun robbery proceeds given to the poor and those who suffer other. But when the action reaches a saturation point there are people who intend harm.

There was a leader who knows the real robbers action Raden Said property looted wealthy officials, then leader of robbers was wearing clothes similar to Raden Said, even wearing a mask as a mask Raden Said too.

On one night, Raden Said, who had just completed the Isha prayer heard the wild cry of the villagers looted the village was a robber.

He immediately went to the scene. Once knowing the arrival of Raden Said, the herd scattered robbers fled immediately. Those leaders who lived deep in raping a beautiful girl. Raden Said door break the girl who was raped. In a room he saw someone dressed like him, also wearing a similar mask was trying to put his clothes back. Apparently he had finished raping her.

Raden Said tried to catch the robbers. But the leader of the robbers managed to escape. Suddenly a voice in the rafters at drumming, people from other villages came to the place that was when itu.Pada new girl raped by robber had wasted away and caught his hand tightly Raden Said. Raden Said was so panicked and kebingungan.Para other youths from the village rushed in with guns drawn. Raden Said was arrested and taken to the village headman's house.

The village head who was curious to try to open the mask on the face of Raden Said. Once people know who's behind the mask of the village head was silenced. Absolutely no thought that the robber was the son of the lord himself Raden Said. Gegerlah society at that time. Raden Said considered robbers and rapists. The girl who was raped is strong evidence and living witnesses of the incident.

The village head was still trying to close the lord's disgrace. He secretly brought to the palace of Raden Said Duchy Tuban crowd unnoticed. Of course, the Duke into a rage. The Duke who has always felt loved and always defended his son this time, too furious. Raden Said was expelled from the Duchy of Tuban.

"Get out of the Duchy of this Tuban!" You have tarnished the good name of your own family! go! do not come back until you can vibrate the walls of the palace this Tuban Duchy with verses of the Qur'an which often do you read at night! "

The Duke was also very shocked Wilatikta for it. Raden Said, who is expected to take his place as the Duke of Tuban had been ruled out in that direction. Sirna has any hope of the duke. Only one person can not trust deed Raden Said, the Goddess Rasawulan, brother Raden said. Raden Said's noble spirit, clean and very unlikely to do evil deeds. Heart who would have destroyed this event. Raden Said intend to help the poor and people who suffer but instead he had his own consequence which must swallow the pain. Expelled from the Duchy of Tuban.

Where parents who did not hit his inner child's desire to know sudden heart to do evil and destroy the name and its own future. But that event had to be experienced by Raden Said. If there is no such slander, Raden Said probably not going to be a great scholar, a mayor who was admired by the entire population of the Land of Java. Raden Said really leave Duchy Tuban.

Rasawulan goddess who was very fond of her sister felt sorry for, unbeknownst to her father and mother left the palace to seek Duchy Tuban Raden Said to be invited back. Of course the father and mother desperate to know this. Soon dozens of soldiers were ordered to find the Goddess Tuban Rasawulan was never found by them.

In the Babad Tanah Java Rasawulan told that the Goddess has finally discovered by Professor Supa, a Majapahit Tumenggung who became a student of Sunan Kalijaga. Goddess Rasawulan then paired with a professor Supa. And return to Tuban together with the transfer of Sunan Kalijaga that was none other than his own, Raden Said.


Where Raden Said after expelled from the Duchy of Tuban? Apparently he wandered aimlessly for sure. In the end he settled in the woods JATIWANGI. Over the years he became a robber dear. Why is it called robber dear?
Because rampokannya outcome was never eaten. As always, always given to the poor. The dirampoknya only the wealthy or a miserly rich man, not the common people sympathize, and do not want to pay the zakat. In the forest JATIWANGI he threw his real name. People call it a gangster Lokajaya.

On one day, there was a white-robed JATIWANGI through the woods. From far Lokajaya already mengincarnya gangster. The man was carrying a stick to the hilt sparkled.
"It must handle the stick was made of gold," he whispered to himself Lokajaya scoundrel.

Keep parents monitored white robe. After the blocking step closer as he said, "Parents, do you use a cane? Apparently you're not blind, a pair of eyes were still alert and you still look tough, strong walk without a stick! "
White-robed men were smiling, friendly face, with a soft voice he said, "Young man ... ... .... The journey of human life is uncertain, sometimes being in the light, sometimes in a dark place, with this stick I'm not going to get lost when walking in the darkness. "

"But ... ... .... This time it was still daylight, without a stick I guess you will not get lost walking in the forest. "And he said Raden Said. Return the white-robed man smiled wisely, "the young man ... ... .... The journey of human life is uncertain, sometimes being in the light, sometimes in a dark place, with this stick I'm not going to get lost when walking in the darkness. "

"But ... ... .... This time it was still daylight, without a stick I guess you will not get lost walking in the forest. "And he said Radeb Said. Return the white-robed man smiled wisely, "Young man holding a stick is, people must have lived so as not to get lost grip on his life journey."

It seems the answer containing said it did not inspire philosophy Raden Said hearts. He heard and acknowledged the truth but his attention was already shed to the handle rod white-robed men. Without saying much more loss of the stick from the hands of white-robed men. Because the stick forcibly removed the white-robed men fell down.

With great difficulty the man woke up, her eyes had tears though there was no cry from her mouth. Raden Said at the time were watching was holding up the stick. It turned out that the stick is not made of gold, it only handle made of brass so that the sunlight glittered like gold. Raden Said was surprised to see people crying. Soon the stick held it out again, "Do not cry, I put this stick."

"It was a kutangisi stick," Said the man as he showed some grass in the palm of his hand. "Look! I have sinned, do kesiasiaan. The grass is torn when I fell down I was. "
"Only a few pieces of grass. You feel guilty? "Ask Raden Said surprised.
"Yes, it is a sin! Because you pull it out without a purpose. Had to forage was not why. But for a futility really a sin! "Answer man.

Raden Said little heart thrilled to answer that contains the value of that faith.
"Young people really what you seek in these woods?"
"I spy treasure?"
"For what?"
"I give to the poor and suffering people."
"Hemm, really is your heart, love ... ... did you get it wrong."
"Parents ... ... .... What do you mean? "
"Can I ask a young child?"
"Please ... ... .... "
"If you wash your dirty clothes with urine, whether the actions that correct?"
"It's stupid," said Raden Said. "Only manambah dirty and smelly clothes alone."
The man smiled, "Similarly, a charity that you do. You give charity to the goods which are forbidden in the can, rob or steal, it was the same as washing clothes with urine. "

Raden Said choked.

He continued saying, "God is good substance, only receive charity from the good stuff or lawful." Raden Said increasingly amazed at the information. Began Menghujam shame her body. How wrong what he did for this. In the view once again face the white-robed men. Grand and dignified but reflects a compassionate person. He began to like and be interested in the white-robed men.

"Many things are associated in an attempt reduce poverty and suffering of the people at this time. You can not change it just by giving the poor people of food aid and money. You need to warn the tyrant rulers in order to change the way he ruled that the arbitrary, you should be able to guide the people to improve their lives! "

Raden Said the stunned, saying things like that is what she wanted all along.
"If you do not want to work hard, and just want a good deed in a way so take it easy. It's halal goods. Take it as you please! "

Said that he was pointing at the palm tree. At once the tree was turned into gold entirely. Raden Said's eyes widened. He was a powerful young man, a wide range of experience that has dikecapnya. Various science weird has learned. He thinks that people use magic, if that person was out of magic he can certainly handle it.

But, after he put his knowledge, palm trees were still turns to gold. It means people do not use magic

Raden Said amazed at where he stood. He tried to climb that palm tree. It really turned into gold seluruhnya.Ia want to take palm fruits that have turned into gleaming gold. Sugar palm fruit was suddenly falling, falling on the head Raden Said. The young man fell to the ground. Collapsed and fainted.

When he realized the loss of fruit sugar that has been changed again to green like other arenaren. Raden Said stood up, looking for a white-robed men were. But he was looking for was not there.

"She must have a knowledge of a powerful high. Given the way he was dressed would have been from among the scholars, or perhaps one of Waliullah, I have to catch up, I'll sit him, "thought Raden Said.

Raden Said after him. All muster the ability to run fast, he finally could see the shadow of the man from a distance. Like the man relax foot, but Raden Said could never catch up. Ups and downs, stumbling and running again, so, after he had drained his energy just got behind the white-robed men.

White-robed men were stopped, not because of the presence of Raden Said it in front of him lay the river there lebar.Tak enough bridges, and the river seems to be in, with what he had to cross.

"Wait ... ... .... "Said Raden Said when he saw the old man stepped to another.
"So good you accept me as a student ... ..." she pleaded.
"Being my students?" Ask the man while turning. "Want to learn what?"
"Anything, as long as you accept me as a student ... ..."
"Heavy, heavy young man, would you accept the terms?"
"I am willing to ... ..."

The man then stuck his stick on the riverbank. Raden Said ordered stayed with him. Can not move from where it was before he was back to see him.

Raden Said willing to accept that the test conditions. Later he was crossing a river. Raden Said's eyes widened surprise, he was walking on water just like walking didaratan. Her feet are not wet from the water.

After he disappeared from view Raden Said, sitting cross-legged young man, he prayed to God to put to sleep like the boys in Kahf cave hundreds of years ago. Do'anya granted. Raden Said samadinya slept in for three years. Grass roots and has been wrapped and almost covering most of his body.

After three years of white-robed man had come to see Raden Said. But Raden Said could not be woken. It was only after adzan, the young man opened his eyes. Raden Said body cleaned, given new clothes clean. Then taken to Tuban.Mengapa to Tuban? Because the white-robed man was Sunan Bonang. Raden Said then given religious instruction in accordance with the scale, namely the level of Waliullah. Later known as Raden Said Sunan Kalijaga. Kalijaga meaning people who keep the rivers.

Some interpret Sunan Kalijaga the cult guards who lived at that time. Maintained that he meant no harm ummah, but directed to the correct teachings of Islam. There is also a legend that defines Raden Said meeting with Sunan Bonang just a symbol. Wherever Sunan Bonang go always carry a stick or a handle on life, it means Sunan Bonang always brings religion, bringing faith as a guide of life.

Raden Said then told to wait with a stick or religion on the riverbank. That means Raden Said commanded to plunge into the public arena has a lot of Java cult and still hold to the old religion of Hinduism and Buddhism.

Sunan Bonang able to walk on water river ambles into a river.

Even he was not exposed to the slightest splash of river water. That means Sunan Bonang got along with people of different religions without losing the identity of the religion professed by Sunan Bonang namely Islam itself.

Raden Said during his hermitage on the edge not to drift into the river, only the leaves, roots and grass that covered most of the members of the body. Raden Said That means dealing with the Javanese society, community customs in use as a propaganda tool, and is directed to the teachings of Islam that is clean, but the effort seems a bit dirty body Raden Said and after three years of Sunan Bonang cleaned with Islamic teachings so that the high level Raden Said in kegolongan the Guardians. And knowledge of his religion really has enough to be used to spread the religion of Islam.

So that interpretation of the legendary story of Raden Said meeting with Sunan Bonang.


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