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Sugar plants, heritage gold resources Sunan Bonang

Sugar plants, heritage gold resources Sunan Bonang

By Honor Ginting Munthe & Moh. Fatkhul Maskur
Bisnis Indonesia

Aren is not actually a plant foreign to Indonesian society. However, did you know that Arenga pinnata has a great potential as a prosperous tree?

The potential sugar plants seems unrealized. In the villages, Aren generally grow naturally, rather than cultivated. Utilization of this tree is limited to ijuknya, or fruits and fro.

In more advanced societies, this tree is taken as material niranya brown sugar, sugar ants, or drink wine. Sap can also be processed more ethanol and alternative energy materials in the future.

Aren can grow on clay, and sand covered, but not stand on the high acid-yield land. Aren can grow at an altitude of 9 to 1400 meters above sea level (asl). But the best growth at an altitude of 500 to 800 meters above sea level with rainfall more than 1200 mm a year, or in temperate and wet.

There are two categories of palm plants, namely Aren Genjah (small trees and palm wine production short 10 -15 liters per cluster per day), and Sugar In the (big and tall trees with sap production from 20 to 30 liters / stem / day). Recommended to the parent tree is accession In.

1 hectare of land can be planted 200 trees that can be extracted from the sixth year. Tell that to produce 100 trees, and a dripping tree sap at least 15 liters of the produced 1500 liters of sap per day or the cost Rp3 million. And so on until the sugar production until the age of 20 years.

"Sugar is very promising to create welfare," said Al-Banjari Syaefurrahman, Chairman of the Independent Community Village Community (KMDM) activist NGOs palm cultivation in Banjarnegara, Purbalingga, and Kebumen.

Al-Banjari advised to start investing without having a land area. Say with 20 trees. In the sixth year, every day will produce 150 liters of sap. If the price of palm Rp2.000 per liter, income Rp300.000 per day.

Nira was also able to be processed again into 39 kg of sugar. When sugar valued 8,000 per kg, obtained Rp312.000 per day. This revenue per day from 10 palm trees!

Sonic Jatmiko, agribusiness observer from Purwokerto, assesses the long-term programs that often left agribusiness managers will not occur in sugar, because the basic idea of the community.

They plant for posterity, even if no sugar or bioethanol factory, they are still able to make palm sugar. Also, sugar can be taken back and kalingnya, ijuknya can to the roof, and trunk becomes a source of flour.

Economic Value

Indrawanto, CV Diva Maju Bersama-organic palm sugar producers in Tangerang, Banten, have argued that more economic value of the sugar palm is niranya.

Moreover, if the selling price reached Rp2.000 liters per day. With average production of 15 liters per day per tree Rp40.000 resale value. If the farmer has 20 trees be Rp80.000 turnover per day.

"Unfortunately endurance sap is only about 5 hours, after which it will occur so that the fermentation process can not be sugar. Therefore palm juice made more sugar or sugar ants," said Indrawanto.

To produce palm sugar or ants, Diva Maju Bersama holding farmers in West Java and Lampung, palm processing into semi-finished materials. This pattern is more practical than buying juice directly to the farmers because the risk of high damage.

According to him, the price of sugar ants in the market average of 10,000 per kg. Assuming the price of sugar palm sap reached Rp2.000 per liter, resale value is not much different from the sugar ants.

"Sugar sugar can be exported as a prima donna in the foreign retail price reaches 2 euros, or equivalent to Rp25.000 to 250 ounces of weight. That means the sale price of 1 kg reached Rp100.000," said Indrawanto.

However, economic value is not too high for the export companies that charged extra fees such as taxes and administrative costs. Export markets also requires stringent standards. That is why Diva concentrated in the country.

Indrawanto admit export potential remains open for sugar ants glysemix levels low, thus safe to eat, people with diabetes. Not surprisingly, these commodities into coveted international community.

Palm trees are also a source of raw materials bioetnol high added value. With this instrument, the General Chairman HKTI Prabowo Subianto will overcome the scarcity of energy 18 years from now oil will run out.

As a presidential candidate some time ago, Prabowo also promised to open 4 million hectares of palm plantation to overcome the energy, which will also absorb labor 24 million people.

When reading the history, the real potential for people's welfare sugar was 500 years ago suggested by Sunan Bonang, one of which lived in Walisongo 1465 to 1525 AD in Tuban, East Java.

In one legend, Sunan Bonang who want to be robbed by Lokajaya (later changed to Sunan Kalijaga) just said, pointing kolang forth fruit, "Take what is golden." (ginting. munthe@bisnis.co.id / fatkhul.maskur @ bisnsis.co.id)

Source: http://web.bisnis.com/edisi-cetak/edisi-harian/ritel-ukm-mikro/1id141267.html

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