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10 thousand hectares and 4 million tree seedlings to Pacitan Aren

10 thousand hectares and 4 million tree seedlings to Pacitan Aren

Four Million Trunk Aren To Pacitan

Pacitan District Government began to prepare an area of 10 thousand hectares for planting four million palm trees. This is following the commitment of a number of elements in the central government to contribute to the seed Pacitan District. Regent Pacitan confirmed Sujono said that although journalists do not specify when the palm tree seeds will be sent, but he estimates is now entering the stage of seed collection. While the distribution may be done in stages. This is because the breeding process simultaneously is not possible because of the large number of seeds disemaikan.

Related planting location, regents will explain priority in water catchment areas, especially along streams Grindulu River. Later planting will involve community participation.
Palm planting plans massive positive response Pacitan Head Plantation Forestry and local Suyatno. Moreover, he said a number of forest areas in five districts need a new crop variants. In addition to plant conservation objectives are also expected to provide benefits to the community.

Five regions in question are of critical land areas large enough. Each Sub Bandar, Nawangan, Tegalombo, ARJOSARI and Tulakan. Suyatno states, the majority of forest plants in the five areas tend to be uniform, that is dominated by pine trees. In fact, these plants can not grow back if done harvesting. As a result of forest land bare masses.

Source: http://pacitankab.go.id/berita/berita.php?id=248

Prepare Pacitan regency 10,000 Hectare Land Aren

Pacitan - Government District (Regency) Pacitan, began preparing the land area of 10,000 hectares for planting at least four million palm trees.
"We've got a commitment from the friends, the agency is also in the central government, to contribute to a palm tree seeds Pacitan. Pemkab task in this commitment is only to prepare an area of 10 thousand hectares, and our task is started," said Regent Pacitan Suyono, Wednesday .

Regent did not specify when the seeds of palm trees which is estimated to reach millions of stem number will be sent by officials who were unnamed.

He's just making sure that officials at the central government has now started collecting seeds. "Insyaallah in the near future," he said.

Then where it plans seeds palm trees will be planted? Both Regent Suyono and Head of the Forestry and Plantation (Forestry) District Pacitan, Suyatno, both said that the investment will be concentrated along the river basin (DAS) Girindulu.

Planting sugar that later will involve full community participation. Way, four million palm tree seeds that central government assistance will be forwarded to the people who live around Grindulu watershed.

They would thus gain some palm tree seeds for planting in their yard.

"Crop production of sugar has actually developed in Pacitan since 2005. We certainly would welcome with open arms if there are parties who contribute to the preservation of palm seeds environment here, of all kinds," said Suyatno. *

Source: http://www.antarajatim.com/lihat/berita/22777/pemkab-pacitan-siapkan-10000-hektare-lahan-aren

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