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SPEAK rise of industry AREN

SPEAK rise of industry AREN

By: Dian Kusumanto

Industry is a system that processes raw materials into a product that has added value. Sugar industry means a system of processing raw materials into a Palm tree or a variety of value-added products. Raw materials originating from Palm trees include: juice, fruit kolang forth, fibers, sticks, leaves, flour, wood stems, roots, and others.

While value-added products that had been produced from sugar industrial systems including: print palm sugar, palm sugar ant, the sugar white crystal sugar, sugar, liquid sugar, sugar plates, sugar palm, saguer, wine, legendary, cap mice, bioethanol, wine palm (palm wine), fibers, brooms, brushes, rope fibers, fiber sheets, roof of the fibers, and fro, broom stick, palm stick skewers, flour sugar, pearl sago palm, sugar palm wood various handicrafts, leather shavings palm, palm root crafts, etc..

System or series of which prepare and processing to produce raw materials and increased value added to technology, infrastructure, input from outside the system, with human resources and patterns of capital management and capital, social capital, natural capital, and sterusnya, resulting in products end (out put) the value-added as expected.

Sugar industry will rise because more of the following:
1. Products from Sugar is needed by the world market.
2. Products from Sugar has a comparative value, because it has a uniqueness that is difficult to obtain than others.
3. Aren high productivity can be plihan very profitable investment.
4. With the touch of a relatively simple technology has given added value is very promising.
5. In some areas Aren provide evidence that can be relied upon by the principals.
6. There are greater opportunities for leading the world trend in commodities that could support the sustainability of natural resources and environmentally friendly.
7. Can be developed on land with a wide climatic conditions adaptations.
8. Absorption of labor, making the commodity Aren a choice for the creation of new jobs and reduce unemployment in many regions.
9. Development can be disinergikan with various commodities to support each other.
10. etc..

Why do we have to meet? We have to meet him because:
1. That we do not miss the other countries that have and will mengembangannya secretly like Malaysia and the Philippines, Brazil, Mexico, and Venezuela.
2. So that we can prepare a proper strategy toward excellence kompetiif the future.
3. If the strategy is less precise then applied in the future we may lose competitive
4. Strategies that are less precise cause of our industry is not or less efficiently.
5. Error in choosing a strategy could result in counter-productive because it could weaken the public interest and would-be investors.
6. So that we can prepare simulations of alternative strategies or more mature and do not cause or reduce the error rate in the future.

With the above scheme of thinking, then meet the rise in the Sugar Industry, or "Revolsi Aren" This is necessary to build a system that integrates Sugar Industry and comprehensive. Sugar industry this system should be better than systems based Sugar Cane Industry, and should be better as well as from Palm Oil Industrial Systems.

Industrial Systems Aren why this should be built with the vision, mission and principles of "rahmatan lil 'alamin", which gives grace to nature, society and nation, can build a world more like, the new world order and bring sustainable nation in the era of Indonesia a prosperous, advanced, independent and sovereign.

Amin yaa robbal 'alamin.

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