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By: Dian Kusumanto

There is a very intriguing phrase from Mr. Dr. Tatang H. Suriawijaya at the time he met the writer in Nunukan few months ago. That is about the culture of the people of the sugar industry Aren, Coconut, Siwalan and Sugar Cane, which is always packed in printed form into sugar shell, sugar boxes, sugar, and other other terms. This culture is not efficient, because later on when the sugar has reached the kitchen, will be sliced and then melted back again and had served with the other processed snacks. This is considered as a culture is a waste of energy and inefficient for the consumer as well as for our traditional sugar makers, should use or manufacture of sugar in the liquid benuk.

If presented, processed, marketed in the state is still liquid but with a certain consistency, so for the craftsmen or manufacturers will be able to reduce fuel costs and reduce the power to print becomes no more. Processing to become liquid would require more cooking time is short, so juice is not exposed too long in hot conditions than when the sap will be molded into solid sugar or sugar ants.

Mr. Slamet opinion Solomon, nanny blog Mini Sugar Factory as well. He said, "why sugar produced in the form of solid crystals, but every application is always sugar is melted again for food, beverage and industrial households, probably beginning before the beginning of the sugar industry for packaging liquid commodity is still difficult, only gunny packages, soap bar soap was used there was no liquid soap, shampoo also in the form of white powder there is no liquid shampoo, even most of the drug in powder form there is no cure fever and cough medicine bottles ".

Furthermore, he said, "We have also started with the world sugar sweetener in liquid form, a simple thought, a less expensive investment, a similar yield without any by product and the consumer actually benefits from karna not lose energy to melt again, the problem just alter the habitat of the market . So why are we also not immediately begin? "

Vacuum Evaporation Technology

If Mr. Tatang suggest the authors to look at technological developments Maple Syrup in Canada and Northern United States, the Pak Slamet have an opinion so that we can apply technology to the air vacuum evaporation or vacuum. Next Pak Slamet Solomon says, "The sugar is processed with liquid penguap vacuum, boiling at temperatures of 60 Celsius max gives a brighter color.

Liquid sugar is currently produced and sold in the market because of the influence of dark evaporation with direct fire. Liquid sugar of any material from sugarcane, sweet sorghum stem, palm family palm (coconut, palm, sugar palm, palm) is a good prospective opportunities and very challenging. All of which is a technological challenge, the challenge of socialization and marketing, and so is the opportunity that lies behind it big enough, the economic side of employment and the welfare of the people. This sap of various materials will be a very exciting prospect, so the liquid sugar product kitananti become very diverse and many choices.

Illustration above described traditional Technologi however with liquid sugar will be difficult to develop and market accepted, dark colors give the impression of low commodity class and unhealthy, while the touch technology will come standard products and products meet the standard. Investment in the range of hundreds of millions or billions depending on the capacity and the applied technology will be able to evoke the rural economy (palmae plants in rural areas only).

Even some liquid sugar producers usually buy from the artisans in the form of sugar that had already been printed or semi-finished, and then destroyed again and added water to the liquid sugar or sugar ants. This is clearly a waste, because of work and costs twice, while the product became darker and less attractive.

Palm Sugar Factory with empty cooking technology installed in South Minahasa produces organic sugar crystals (sugar ants) to improve the welfare of palm penderes

Vacuum evaporation technology (Vacum Evaporator) was also performed on the management of sap from Maple Tree to Maple Syrup made in Canada and America. With this vacuum evaporation technology produced Maple Syrup is a very clear and interesting as the picture below. In contrast to our Liquid Palm Sugar is still dark and felt less attractive.

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