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By: Dian Kusumanto

The title was inspired by the writing on the wall of Mother Evi FB Indrawanto the Squire Palm Sugar from Diva Maju Bersama Serpong. He partnered with many of the existing Sugar farmers in the area he lived. He is very pleased and worried at the time of the Revolution which later became Sugar Cane and vibrant as Palm, the fate of farmers did not like the sweet taste of sugar. Mrs. Evi seems this is a very Nationalist Entrepreneur, not a Laissez Faire Capitalism, Capitalism is allowing farmers to deal with capitalist monsters who are ready to pounce.

Mrs. Evi like this, "... ... ... ... ... .. When it comes to sugar revolution, God be praised when Mr. Prabowo mengujudkannya. Mudah2an not only during the campaign promises. But eventually I became ambiguous feelings, sir. Between happy and worried. Happy, if I spread sugar sdh no shortage of raw material again. Worry, if one day the farmer's fate will be like the fate of sugar cane farmers. Their sugar sweet but their fate is not like that. Do not know lah sir, we'll see what will happen. As for his own business, dijejalin so much information, have friends yg care, I still believe always successful ..............".

However farmers are part of our society who are weak and vulnerable to policy changes, changes in economic conditions, changes in the political situation. Similarly Aren farmers, who had also not been considered, yet empowered. But we need to go back to see what is actually happening in our sugarcane farmers, the fault which, so farmers do not fared as the sweet taste of sugar. After that we look to the future through the eyes of our Sugar farmers who would come.

Most cane farmers are many weaknesses that fate had a sweet, perhaps partly because of the following things are:
1. Land tenure average farmer who is still very limited and minimal. The average tenure in Java is only about 0.2 to 0.4 hectares.
2. Sugarcane productivity is declining, is now only about 7-8 tons of crystal sugar per hectare per season.
3. Sugar prices farmers unsafe level, there is no protection and are often the victims of economic circumstances Nasioal, Regional and Global.
4. Sugar Cane Industry we are very inefficient, both in the use of technology and obsolete equipment, and industrial management pattern is not flexible cane.
5. Yan government policy has not fully side with the farmers.
6. Bargaining position of the sugar cane farmers who are weak and often become victims.
7. etc..

I think for the development of Aren Revolution we can reflect to the 6 things above, so that the fate of our Sugar farmers do not like the fate of sugar cane farmers. But we will all be very sure if farmers Aren we will be able to live better and not like the fate of sugarcane farmers. Some of the things that make us very optimistic is as follows:

1. Productivity of Sugar itself is a very good indogen. Stay how we can choose the type of seeds that are high production potential. With trees that are not maintained and the number of trees just a little Sugar farmers have considerable results, especially if done a good maintenance and the number of trees harvested more, of course the result will be extraordinary. It is not too much if every tree sap to produce 10 liters per day, and not excessive in case of 200 trees in each hectare of palm produce is routinely 50% or 100 trees, so every day from every hectare palm plantation will produce 1000 liters of palm wine.
If trees well cared for and the standard would not be difficult to increase the juice to 20 liters / day / tree, and improving the tree can be harvested about 80% or 160 trees per day, then the results could niranya increased to 3200 liters / day / hectare.

2. Ownership of trees and enough land. For Sugar Land is not a rice field, but we chose the land side, lands, dry lands former unproductive forests. We can also take advantage of the yard or moor land which has not productive or can also bertumpangsari with other annual crops.

3. Sugar farmers may not depend on the Big Sugar Factory, unlike sugar cane farmers who must depend on the Sugar Factory. So farmers Aren actually still very free to go or not go in the Big Sugar industry, but the process itself memlih be niranya Sugar or alcohol or anything else. Means bergaining position or Aren farmers' bargaining position could be better than our sugar cane farmers.

4. Learning from the Craft Maple Syrup Industry in Canada and the United States, which they, each craftsman has a patent of the brand and its products independently. Farmers and craftsmen as well as directly access the market directly or Super Market deal with the importers in other countries through the Association of their fellow producers. So they can say in a bargaining position is very strong in determining the price and other terms of trade.

5. The technology applied to industrial products Aren be an efficient and oriented small industries only. If indusri let them think of themselves. Will improve when the turn of this Aren business more, not monopolized by the companies that have particularly large by the capitalist is not a nationalist. If you can not let this happen in our Sugar Industry will come.

6. Therefore Sugar Research and Development should be managed properly, could have R & D is managed and financed by the Government or by an independent party that is supported by the Sugar Association. With an active R & D so all sides of this Aren Business will continue to develop highly efficient and superior, the weaknesses that might occur can be detected as early as possible. R & D may function as business intelligence Aren, either in technology, engineering, socio-economic, etc..

7. Institutional in Business Aren be very well organized to form a networking fabric of spirit and the spirit of defending the interests of farmers Aren Indonesia. Starting from Farmer Asosasi Aren, Aren Indonesia Researcher Association, Association of Indonesian Palm Seeds Manufacturers, Palm Sugar Producers Association, Bioethanol Sugar Producers Association, Association of Businessman Aren, Aren National Revolutionary Council, etc..

8. Thus would-be government will not side with the interests of farmers and businesspeople Aren Indonesia. Because it could be perpetrators Later Aren businesses can pick and choose anywhere in favor of officials and worthy to lead this country. Similarly in the area, local leaders in favor of peasants who will be selected, which does not take sides should not have chosen.

What do you think?

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