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Be A Billionaire through 1 hectare intensive AREN garden

Be A Billionaire through 1 hectare intensive AREN garden

By: Dian Kusumanto

Being a billionaire? Is it possible? Especially from Aren garden that had not been attractive to investors? What might you? Etc .... Questions like these will come after you read the title of this article. Billionaires means people who have money with the amount of above Rp 1 Milyard. How about Rp 500 million, it also includes the billionaire, but still half, aka half-billionaire. But I mean this is the first, which is above USD 1 Milyard, it has the right referred to as the billionaire.

Is it possible? Then how Aren garden area in order to achieve 1 Milyard income? What's Really Just a 1 acre garden has Aren? How did this happen? A volley of questions we'd like because of our curiosity with the title above. I do not mean to take your 'fancy long-winded', but I would like to invite you to create prospects and potential into reality. Aren garden that will be able to bring us to glory, wealth, achieve financial wealth, with a properly managed.

Preview chances are with such calculations:

1. One Hectare Aren garden planted 200 trees, with a spacing of 5 x 10; or 6 x 8 m2.

2. With good maintenance, after 6-7 years the whole tree can produce with tap percentage of 80% or 160 trees per day.

3. With the appropriate maintenance 'SOP kebunaren DK' the sap productivity will reach 15 liters / day / tree.

4. So sap production from 1 hectare garden is Aren 160 trees x 15 liters / r / Phn = 2400 liters / day / hectare

5. Nira 2400 liters / day will be processed into Organic Palm Sugar (GAO), as much as 400 kg / day.

6. If the GAO is the selling price of Rp 10,000 / kg, it will obtain income from 1 hectare garden Aren: 400 kg / day x Rp 10,000 / kg = Rp 4 million / day.

7. Gross Revenue USD 4 million / day, or USD 120 million / month, or USD 1.44 Milyard per year.

8. USD 1.44 Milyard more than Rp 1 Milyard, meaning that get called a billionaire.

From the assumptions on which needs to be seen are the numbers is not too fantastic, or difficult to achieve. No, absolutely not. Because in reality, many farmers who achieve above figures earlier assumptions, for example:

1. Production of palm plantation farmers who have reached 40 liters per tree as I see it in Mambunut Nunukan. In South Sulawesi Soppeng many peasant farmers who can reach 20 liters / tree / day. Meanwhile, in North Sulawesi, many farmers say that they can get sap 20-25 liters / day / tree.

2. Sugar Sugar prices used in the local market is more than $ 10,000, let alone Organic Palm Sugar (GAO) in a more specific market and export prices. For the overseas market prices at least in the top exporter of USD 15,000 to 20,000 / kg.
3. So the numbers to achieve the billionaire's name is not too bombastic, or impossible to achieve. That number is likely to be achieved if the management in accordance with the 'SOP kebunaren DK'.

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