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By: Dian Kusumanto

A very big opportunity today for Palm Sugar products (Palm Sugar) in Japan have no doubt. Low content of calories and can be used to make cakes make Palm Sugar is very popular.

Mr. Ryuji Nishi expressed in a seminar on the potential of food products from Indonesia in the Japanese market. In his presentation, the consultant gives you advice on products of interest Palm Sugar contains no chemicals and is grown on land that is natural, organic fertilizer. It takes determination to find partners in Japan with a businessman who produce cakes unique to Japan, pasta sugar producer or owner of the coffeehouse.

Examples of goods and prices in the supermarket is also shown in the seminar. In the example shown, the price of JPY Sugar Palm 735/200 grams; Maple Sugar JPY 1000-2000/1 kg; Brown Sugar JPY 240 / 0.5 kg; Crystal Sugar JPY 160 / 0.5 kg; Sugar Pasta JPY 500 / 0 , 5 kg. State competitors for this product is the Thai market over 49%, Australia 39%, 12% of South Africa, but has not been imported from Indonesia.

Let us count the number above with the value of our rupiah.
1. Sugar Palm JPY JPY 735/200 grams or 3,675 / 1 kg
2. Maple Sugar 1000-2000/1 kg JPY
3. Brown Sugar JPY 240 / 0.5 kg or JPY 480 / 1 kg
4. Crystal Sugar JPY 160 / 0.5 kg or JPY 320 / 1 kg
5. Sugar Pasta JPY 500 / 0.5 kg or JPY 1,000 / 1 kg

Palm Sugar or Palm sugar (Sugar Sugar, Sugar or Sugar Palm Siwalan) value higher than the Sugar Maple, Brown Sugar (Sugar from Sugar Cane Red), Crystal Sugar (white sugar) and sugar paste. Value of Japanese Yen 3675 when converted to rupiah around Rp 257,250 per kg. (If 1 Japanese Yen worth dengnan USD 70). This value is very fantastic.

Prices in the market high of Foreign Affairs we also look at the products of Indonesia Sugar Palm re boxed by Big Tree Farm USA and the group. Palm sugar products originating from Indonesian Palm Sugar processing is labeled with a variety of organic brands, among others such as Sweet Tree and Heritage Palm Sugars. Heritage Palm Sugar with packaging 8.5 oz. Or 240 grams dibandrol price $ 8.99. Or if the calculated value of about 1 kg $ 36 or USD $ 360,000 sekilogramnya.

This actually depends on the power of 'branding' of the 'manufacturers' packaging, even if the product is actually among Indonesia mediocre. If it is opened from its packaging are virtually identical to the value of our products is only around Rp 10,000 per kilogram. But why in Japan can dibandrol of USD 250 thousand and by the American Enterprise dibandrol with USD 360 worth of thousands of pounds?

This is worth our reflection, and then find the solution, then we set the step to fight for the dignity of our products are not judged only by the packaging, or who pack, but even though we own the value pack also remains high.

Let the fighters Palm Sugar Indonesia .. we deploy overseas market with our brand image of dignity, so that deserves high regard, just as if the pack is Japanese Entrepreneurs and the American Entrepreneur.

How do you think?

Rubber Palm Sugar Bonbon

By: Dian Kusumanto

Rubber Palm Sugar Bonbon, so Mr. Muhammad (60) called it. Once, when still a teenager in the village in Sinjai regency, South Sulawesi. Memories of the past were revealed as sheet after sheet to answer some questions the author.

Age was not a lot of snacks like this. Rubber Palm Sugar Bonbon including a very special snack time. There is also a call or Ball Pull Sugar-Sugar Sugar. Snacks are so popular at that time. Therefore, if a small Muhammad ordered his mother to sell in the People's School, then surely these snacks sold out. Even the teacher come to enjoy and become customers.

Rubber Palm Sugar Bonbon, if in the writer, namely Jombang and Sidoarjo called Cotton candy or Glali. Because of its nature which can be push-pull and elastic like rubber then called Bonbon Rubber or Rubber Cotton candy in Sulawesi.

Mr. Muhammad remember his ways how to make Palm Sugar Bonbon's Rubber. The main raw material is sugar palm juice or a ready-made and Orange or Lemon Wangi Wangi. If the principle is the same as Nira make Palm Sugar. Nira in cooking in the container or pan on the stove and the kitchen or flip-flops. As he continued to flip-flops, add lemon juice to taste sweet with continued stirring, until thickened like lunkhead. Rubber form Palm Sugar Bonbon usually rounded and then wrapped in dried banana leaves or corn klobot.

If in other places such as East Java, Cotton candy is sold with a stick, wrapped around the piece Aren or small bamboo strips at the ends, while the other end to grip when di'emut 'in the mouth.

Palm Sugar Bonbon rubber is known as a useful snack reduce hunger and sleep medicine school students at that time. Even the teachers are also happy to enjoy this snack. In today's food court may have been lost and lost with candies wrapped in pretty packaging, candy sticks, etc..

Palm Sugar various benefits of earlier times

Apparently earlier times earlier than the rubber candy, other forms of many preparations of Palm Sugar is consumed, specifically to improve stamina and endurance, both for humans and animals. Some examples are as follows:

1) Sugar Sugar added chili dog can be given to hunters so strong running attack and increase the instinct to bite his enemy, the prey animals.

2) Sugar Sugar is also often a provision at the time of the Dayaks in the woods hunting. And this is also practiced by tribes other when you're hunting. Gula Aren so add stamina and energy during the hunt, both for humans and for dog hunters.

3) Once that will follow the races or competitions that require extra stamina, so Palm Sugar pledge to eat before and during the match, then the runner is not easy to achieve. Stronger stamina.

4) Karapan Cow in Madura, before play was given a sweet drink with Sugar Sugar added the other ingredients such as eggs, honey, etc..

5) For the new chicks hatched, Nira Aren somewhat thicker added with lemon juice and other herbs. Chicken is given to the way the child's mouth dropped to the chicken. So guaranteed healthy, not easily hurt and are resistant to weather changes.

6) Similarly, the liquid Palm Sugar or Sugar Nira usual thick ripe given / drink at the new calf was born. Nira molasses or thick mixed with chicken eggs and a little lemon juice. The calf was supplemented at the time of birth are usually not easily hurt, always healthy and lively.

7) At the time of infant formula had not been there now are like this, then cook Aren Nira water and a little thicker a substitute for ASI (Air Susu Ibu). ASI is a major, but at the moment can not get Asi for some reason the Palm Sugar Nira cooking liquid or condensed into a solution that breastmilk substitutes.

Perhaps there are many other benefits of value which have not been stated in writing above. I still keep looking for information like the above on Sugar Farmers Experience Series to come.

Do you have other experiences?

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