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From kebunaren to the world

OCOP PAK: Preparing Designing Large-Scale Palm Seedlings in East Kalimantan
From kebunaren to the world

By: Dian Kusumanto

Is Ir. Sofyan Yadi HM Noor, the Chairman KTNA East Kalimantan Province, which is also the Vice Chairman of East Kalimantan Province HKTI, agriculture is a character who is very tenacious. In May last Mr. Ocop, so we used to call, I ordered the seed sprouts and seedlings Aren Aren ready to plant a sufficient number of lots. As a friend of mine tried to serve the best, as well as I did to the other Aren seed buyer.

At the beginning of this July, finally we can meet again directly in Samarinda. In April of last month we've met each other in Jakarta, at the time there Rapim KTNA event. From now on that we continue to interact specifically about Aren development plans in East Kalimantan. He was a solid show, as a character in East Kalimanta, Mr. Ocop well as officials in the DPP KTNA Terrace Center. Some thoughts from Mr. Ocop also very keen to take part in development programs in the Aren future.

Been asked by some friends, why not plant kok Aren? Mr. Ocop only give a mild course, is that now sticks Aren, Aren fibers are diminai world for various handicrafts, brooms, industrial materials, and various other purposes. That's the only by-products, not to mention the main of which every day sap can be tapped, could be processed into sugar, Bioethanol, Drug Material, Material Industry Beauty, various drinks and food, etc..

Mr. Ocop also very confident, because without being treated in a special, let alone even the farmers and only takes a result, the contribution to the Sugar tree farmers are already quite high, especially if the tree is treated special Aren. Palm instance, because dipiara well, with good plantation he can also become a mainstay of the family. Moreover, the potential Aren more powerful than the Palm. How we can live well and treat him special, that Palm also provides exceptional results. That's why he was determined to not miss the East Kalimantan to develop Aren, even if he could become a leader in the management of a modern Aren garden.

There is a very big chance that the central Kaltim Aren development program, although Kaltim far does not include center Aren plants, but Kaltim has a very wide area to create a modern Palm plantation. This modern Sugar Plantation will become a regional icon is calculated as the center Aren development programs in Indonesia, even the world. From the garden Aren to the world. Maybe that motto.

Mr. Ocop have yan steps evident in every business. I never offer to hold the socialization of the Palm in East Kalimantan, Mr. Ocop memlih not yet. "Not yet Mas Dian, it later". We first planted in our own garden and prepare a lot of nurseries. Because if later seminar attracted people to then ask the seeds, we'll be confused. We should first mantabkan our research and we wake up before seeding system which refers to Aren GAP (Good Agriculture Practices) with a large enough scale.

There is a very big chance that opportunity could be Kaltim center Aren pengebangan program in Indonesia. While all this does not include center Kaltim Aren plants, but East Kalimantan has the potential vast land for the creation of a modern Palm plantation. Modern Sugar Plantation is to be used as icon or measure, whether a region is calculated as the center Aren development program in Indonesia, even as the world.

Mr. Ocop have steps in any real business. I never offer socialization of Aren untukmengadakan in East Kalimantan by holding seminars, but Mr. Ocop chose not yet. According to Mr. Ocop should we as the initiator of this mempeloporinya with first planted seedlings and prepare a lot. Because if later seminars, then a lot of people who are interested to develop it, then ask for seeds, seedlings will be trouble if not ready. Thinks it would be better if we had mantabkan research and building systems Aren good breeding with a large enough scale.

The author would appreciate your opinion of this Ocop, because it is known he was a tenacious and a successful businessman in East Kalimantan. Orchards Mr. Ocop as I know there's about 50 hectares, besides Mr. Ocop a horticultural garden well-managed with the kind of commodities like chilli, tomatoes, watermelons, melons and others. Mr. Ocop also a producer of oil palm seedlings ready for planting large enough in the province of East Kalimantan. Quality seed is well known enough among the existing seed producers. Experience in the field of plant perbibitan had long practiced, he had also served a variety of seed planting or replanting crops in almost all East Kalimantan.

As the character of East Kalimantan Province, Mr. Ocop also very close to the other Kaltim figures, including the Governor Mr. H. Awang Faroek Ishak (Governor AFI). Aren program in East Kalimantan, Mr. cop is my pledge to introduce to the Governor Aren AFI. Frankly, my obsession is to realize that the East Kalimantan province became iconnya National Aren. Therefore the initial step is the establishment of Breeding Center Aren professional with a national scale, and then building a modern plantation Aren, Aren new national icon can be recognized.

Actually there are some areas that have been very existence as the National Sugar production centers, but they do not have 2 of the above, then in this perspective they are not worthy of being a national icon Aren. North Sulawesi, for example, despite having a population of very large Aren, and there is also the Research Center of the Palm BALITKA Manado, but from the management side of the garden is still normal, seedlings also belm menasional, processing plant there but not really great.

National Program of Palm, so far nothing yet. Director General Agriculture Plantation Road Mapyang not have a clear idea of the National Aren program. There are new statements to some experts and national leaders yag not accompanied by steps that concrete and real. However there is also the establishment of processing plants such as in Tomohon Aren Flammable established by Mr. President SBY.

The steps that have not been systematic, but still sporadic disesuaiakn with existing development. Sugar industry but if not supported by modern plantation, became uneconomical and inefficient. Palm Sugar Pabri T, can be a concrete example of the need in synergy between the modern garden pengembagan integrated processing units.

Aren population scattered, scattered in areas relatively far from each other, while access to harvesting, transporting to the plant sap which is far and hard, raw materials management, institutional farmers, and so on are not ready to support the industrialization Aren. It could be said that Palm Sugar Factory Tomohon (PT Masarang) is being jammed, or not working as it should.

Apparently Aren Nira characteristics that will experience rapid fermentation in time is not yet fully resolved. Which is very difficult to actually handling the farmer level was. Because of limited facilities, the distance between trees that are relatively far from each other, making farmers can not maintain the desired quality of the plant sap. Finally, equipment manufacturers must design resilient materials with acid levels high enough because the sap has experienced fermentation.

It should Nira Sugar Processing Factory was designed for some of these so keungkinan The factory has an incomplete units as follows:

1. Processing stations and collecting sap with pre treatmennt.
2. Storage tanks in accordance with the grade sap-grade (level) of a certain quality and acid levels.
3. Transportation equipment equipped with sap heating system.
4. Juice processing factory, also has processing units for some kind / grade of raw materials:
a. Print Palm Sugar Unit
b. Ants Palm Sugar Unit
c. White Sugar Sugar Unit
d. Palm Sugar Unit Liquid (Syrup)
f. Sugar Syrup Unit acid (Saguer)
f. Bioethanol Unit
g. Dll.

So as if the move was to back a little, the main reason is not building the plantation system that is integrated with processing factories. Therefore, this opportunity for the region who want to become the National Aren iconnya order to prepare a development pattern that integrated Aren.

There are at least 3 (three) first thing that must be prepared, namely:
Breeding Center makes a kredible Aren.
Creating institutional actors Aren business from the beginning of development.
Sugar plantations modern building that is integrated with the construction of processing factories.

For this opinion Mr. Ocop strongly agree and will make preparations for the development of real Aren Agribusiness for welfare, especially for the East Kalimantan province and is generally to scale beloved National Indonesia Raya. Amen.

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