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By: Dian Kusumanto

Pro-development issues and the people become a hot topic ahead of new elections and the presidential election. Neo-liberalism as an enemy who must be expelled in the era of development to come. All the candidates proposed by diligent pro-development concept and did not want the people referred to as agent Neolib, Neo Liberalism.

But until even now, after the election is over and the winner has passed, no one has proposed a clear concept of how the pro-people penbangunan it. Commodity option is not clear what became its superior. As if they forgot to issue first developed, there is no trace of him. They all forgot that people continue to wait for that concept can be actualized, implemented in a real program.

Indonesia's abundant natural resources, which is still widely lands that are not productive, waiting for the touch of a real program, particularly the pro-economic development of the people. Food and energy problems are still a scourge of the crisis should be solved as soon as possible, while all the packages that pro-development people. This means that pro-development of economy and overcome the problem of basic human rights, namely food & energy bersienergi to each other. The reason behind the above is a writer to offer design of integrated commodity with commodity options on AREN, SINGKONG & BEEF.

Reasons for the selection of commodities.

Aren chosen for several reasons as follows:

1) Produktiffitasnya very impressive, compared to other commodities

2) Income from business should Aren very high commodity and welfare of the people directly. Aren has the economic leverage of the people is very great.

3) Aren very flexible, can be planted anywhere, especially in the less productive use of land that had not been used by other food commodities.
4) Sugar native to Indonesia, which is very broad adaptation, easily cultivated and the people are familiar.

5) plant products Aren so much so that it can trigger people's economy grew very diverse & wide
6) The products from may be directed to Aren handicraft industries, food industries, energy sector industries, downstream industries that couples vary.

7) Sugar Cane has the potential to replace the role as an alternative raw materials of national sugar production and sugar production people.

With the growing of sugar cane menurunannya produkfitas, the old sugar mills, the reduction in carrying capacity of land, Aren an alternative makes the most sense. So that in decades to come Aren be relied upon to replace the role of sugar in the national sugar industry.

8) The development of industrial estates and will be based Aren absorb more labor, which can rely on to handle problems pengganguran.
9) And so on. (more can be seen in http://kebunaren.blogspot.com)

Aren including long-term crops, because the age started production is about 6-7 years. Therefore it is necessary in combination with short-term commodity suitable plantation combined with Aren. The great crop is cassava. Cassava can be intercropped with Aren, and would not interfere with Aren, and vice versa.

Why memillih Cassava:

1) Cassava is a strategic commodity, because the downstream products very much and needed by other industries, both the food industry, chemical industry, manufacturing, energy production, etc..

2) For food, the product of cassava can replace the function of rice (carbohydrate source), the function of flour (which is net imports).

3) Cultivation is not difficult, it is populist and Indonesian farmers are very familiar with cassava.

4) Engineering produkfitas cassava improvement, is still very open and easy to be realized, the technology already available, other than that of cassava germplasm resources are also abundant, thus easy to assemble superior genetics and high production.

5) As Aren cassava can also be used as energy independence program in the rural folk.
6) Cassava for this have become fodder raw materials mainstay. Even the waste can turn the farming industry that will accelerate the availability of meat and milk for food, and organic fertilizers & pesticides for the world argroestate selanjunya.

7) And others.
Synergy between Sugar and cassava plantations became the most prospective options and strategic in the future. While awaiting the start harvest Aren, Cassava can be harvested each have 8-10 months and continuously in tandem with Palm on the same land.

With the cultivation of cassava in the midst of the garden Aren can maximize human resources and land available, while minimizing the input means of production and operational costs of labor. This integration means that the system can lead to cost efficiency, tablespoons & sda is there. To increase the added value of commodities is necessary designed cassava establishment of cassava processing industries, such as cassava flour processing plants, flour mocaf, deksrin, HFS, etc..

The existence of industries would be started earlier in the rural economy, many workers will be needed, then the unemployment will be overcome. Even the labor force from the outside will come. Workers who go abroad can be reduced, in their own country because they have open jobs.

Then what is the relationship with the cow?
The cow is one of the cattle very important and strategic. Cows will utilize waste from crops and industrial waste into a source pakannya cassava. Such as waste from cassava leaves, shoots cassava, cassava and outer skin, is a cheap feed for cattle and free.

Cows are in the need to improve the integration of systems between Palm plantations, cassava and industrial crop. Furthermore from cattle business will be generated fertilizers and pesticides that will support the productivity of the sugar palm and cassava itself. Fertilizer and pest drugs eventually be met by the system. So this synergy would be perfect because most do not need more fertilizer from outside the system. Even fertilizers and pest drug will be excessive and the excess will be sold out of the system into a more added value.

Biokultur. Great organic fertilizer made from cow waste
Value added in the form of fertilizers and drugs, of course, this pest will be able to support the availability of production facilities for other agricultural businesses with a more affordable cost. With fertilizer processing technology and plant-based drugs will be able to stimulate the production of other crops that have been around the system.

Projections or images from the production of integrated systems with the assumption of integrated business land area 50 ha, it can be calculated as follows:

1) Aren 200 trees / ha x 50 ha = 10,000 trees

Production sap: 10,000 trees x 50% = 5,000 trees ready for production every day.
If each tree sap to produce 15 liters / tree / day, it will produce as much juice: 15 liters / day x 5000 tree = 75,000 liters / day.
If processed into sugar (with the conversion of sugar juice = 7.5 liters / kg of sugar.
The production of sugar = 75,000 liters / day: 7.5 liters / kg.
= 10,000 kg of sugar / day.
= 10 tons of sugar / day or 3000 tons / year (if 300 days).

2). Area of 50 ha of cassava.

With cultivation until harvest time in 10 months with a productivity of 50 tons / hectare,
So production = 50 ha x 50 tons / ha / 10 months
= 2500 tons / 10 months
Or 250 tons / month.
If dala number of days a month working 25 days, the harvest of cassava per day: 250 tons / month: 25 hr work / month = 10 tons / day.

10 tons of cassava / day will result in:
a). Flour mocaf = 25% x 10 tons / day = 2.5 tons / day
b). Skin cassava = 15% x 10 tons / day = 1.5 tons / day
c). Leaves and shoots of cassava = 50% x 10 tons = 5 tons / day.

3). Cow

If you feed a cow needs about 50 kg / head / day
So the waste of skin and leaves for 6.5 tons / day, a cow can be maintained as much = 6500 kg / day: 50 kg / day / head = 130 tails.

If the cattle production in one cycle for 6 months, then in a 2 year cycle. Or in a year can be maintained as many as 260 cows tails.

The results of fattening during the 6-month period will result in the increase of meat: 150 days x 0.6 kg / day / head = 90 kg per head.
If the price is hard to live cattle is Rp 25,000 / kg of BH, then the gross income from cattle fattening enterprise is 2:25 Million = USD / tail / cycle.

Tail 260 a year if it means there is a potential profit of Rp. 585 Million / year of fattening cattle.

With palm age, the population of the cassava is also reduced. Reduced cassava planting area also causes reduced production of flour, the less amount of feed a cow so that the number of cattle also reduced diipelihara / area.

The projected population of cassava which is planted in between Aren tree is as follows.

Table 1.

The projected economic value of the integrated volume of business income is 50 ha is as follows:

Table 2.

Counts above is for an area of 50 ha of land only. Or the usual / should be managed by a group of farmers with a total membership of 25 people (each farmer has an average of 2 ha of land).

If in a village there is 500 ha will be formed with 10 farmer groups of people, or 250 members of 250 families. If it reaches 1000 ha of land means that there are 20 farmers' groups with members of the 500 people or 500 families. This was qualified to be a combination Gapoktan or farmer groups. In terms of management can usahannya developed into a co-operative or farmer-owned Enterprises (Bump) or another called the Village-owned Enterprises (enterprises).

In terms of financial management of the Bump / enterprises can also be in the form of a village bank or MFI (Micro Finance Institution). Actually, judging from the volume of money that will rotate from integrated farming business has been sanggat eligible to become a BANK VILLAGE, because it was in the village, no longer MFIs. Because the funds have grown very large.


Flour business from just about 50 ha of the existing turnover of USD 2 billion / year, meaning that 1000 ha of turnover will reach USD 40 billion / year. Not to mention the cows that could reach about USD 10 billion / year, fertilizer and pest drugs that reach USD 5 billion / year. Especially when the sugar has started production in year 6-7, integrated business turnover in this village will reach USD 600 billion figure annually. Villages with incomes of this magnitude is impossible if people are very poor.

Projections of income if the total area of 1000 ha of business land.
1. Flour: USD 40 M
2. Cows: USD 10 M
3. Waste: USD 5 M
4. Aren: USD 600 M
Amount: USD 655 M / year

To cultivate 1000 hectares of land have been made all the farmers 'kuwalahan', yet again to process the flour industry reached an average of more than 10,000 tons / year, manages more than 4,000 cows tails, process cow manure and urine volume of more than 6000 tons / year.

Busyness it will increase as sugar already started production. Volume of sugar that should be on governance will be more than 60,000 tons of sugar / year which is processed from the sap of Nira 450,000,000 liters / year. This course will invite workers from outside the village of urbanization will be occurred to the village where Sugar and Cassava plantation area is 1000 ha.


What is the projection of manpower needs that will be absorbed to a concerted effort with the support of the garden land is 1,000 ha. (This is a rough count of the projection, still can be corrected)

1) Garden of cassava 1 person / ha x 1000 ha = 1,000 people

2) The management of cassava flour 2 people / 50 ha, about 1000 ha of plantation = 400 0rang
3) Plantation sugar:
- Maintenance of the garden: 500 person
- Harvest sap 5 people / ha: 5,000 people

4) sugar processing plant:
- Transportation of the garden: 200 person
- Processing Sugar: 500 people
- Management gardens: 50 people
- Management factory: 50 people

5) Cooperation:
- Administration: 10 people
- Save and loans / bank village: 10 people
- Power Cooperative field: 10 people
- Power marketing, etc.: 10 people
- Etc.: 20 people

Number 7860 0rang

This is what we call the Job Pro, because it can overcome unemployment. Pro Poor, because it can reduce poverty, Pro Growth, because economic growth in the village will also spur economic growth in other areas. Pro Health, because it will make us healthy and free pestisidan with various poisons and chemical fertilizers. Pro planet because the system is deeply concerned with the integration of natural and does not exploit nature that can be guaranteed continuance.

What do you think??

Seed germination fun researching AREN

Nothing was already more than 1.5 years I studied the seeds Aren (Arenga pinnata). Actually had a lot of progress in understanding patterns of life from seed to a seed Aren Aren ready to plant.

The most fun is at this stage of the seeds begin to germinate. From the black seeds that when they appear small whitish spots, it's like getting a gulp of water when we break the fast. Very fresh and very enjoyable. So from the heart unspoken "Subhanallaah!!". Everyone I met there are sprouts from the collection of seeds sown always wanted I said "Subhanallaah!!".

Blessed is He who has awakened instinct of life of every "seed" creatures ...

So with this Aren grain of life ...

hope of mercy, hope will get rizqiNya membinarkan hope ..

Waking up too ..

Morale was pushed waiting the emergence of a new life. Her life of a plant, a tree that will bring blessing to keep it with gratitude.

As Sunan Bonang Kanjeng isyaroh to Raden Mas aka The Candidate Sahid Sunan Kalijogo Kanjeng.

The length of time berwindu centuries ... closed the gold glitter ... close understanding of the oppressed subjects of the shackles of ignorance, occupation, age keegoan ...

So from this Aren sprouts .. we begin with the words "Glory to God", "Subhanallaah", because with the words that we would have a hope of having a garden in Heaven ... and if we are more grateful we will have a Sugar Plantation in the world .....

So be prepared to meet the "ngundhuh wohing pakerti", "ngundhuh gold kamulyan", prosperity and welfare ... for which grateful.

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