Rabu, 26 November 2008

Nira productivity and frequency of tapping Tree palm suga

NIRA productivity and frequency of tapping tree palm sugar 

Not long to taste the sugar palm plantation pine. Sunday morning was the last opportunity to become takdirNya. There are interesting lessons from the sugar palm my teachers, namely Mr. Sarman, a farmer, sugar palm tapper roomie that every day for tens of years berakrab with sugar palm tree. Difficult terrain to the garden I do not menyurutkan step. Ordinary, as in other areas also, the population is always growing sugar palm tree growing in places far from the settlement. 

He is still like a few months ago, still energetic and always came with the author. I am in the council if there Tani Merdeka Magazines publication of sugar palm, the first picture taken in the garden. Time is of the journalists, namely Mas Ardi Winangun and the fotografernya Mas Mustafa Kemal long enough investigated and create images in the garden. 

Yesterday morning I accidentally met to ask some things that are actual questions that I can not answer. Questions that come from several readers of this blog visitors or through my email address. It turns out the answer from the Teachers' sugar palm this knowledge into a new author, and we want to explain here that is also useful for the sugar palm mania. (you with what football fans!) 

Question 1: To a necessity, can tapping sugar palm stopped for 36 hours, or just 36 hours later disadap again? 

Pak Sarman Answer: Not exactly. If 24 hours is still possible, meaning that if the initial 06 hours of the morning disadap the afternoon when not disadap and a new tomorrow that is 06 hours the next morning disadap new, still can. The ideal is actually 12 hours once or 2 times a day, the morning hours between 06 am to 08 hours of the morning, afternoon and evening between the hours of 05 hours until 06 pm. 
If we carve late sadapan stem flower stalks, then usually the water roomie will be a slow exit. Roomie water, which flows swift long run, and then reduced alirannya has netes-only. When too long and has stopped. 

Why has stopped? At the end of the stem of flower stalk sadapan is such channels water roomie very small and closed, stopped by water and then as a roomie curdle. Water jell as a roomie is caused only has roomie-netes or even stop because it has not afford to go through capillary channel (strained vessel or phloem-red) in the stem of flower stalks sadapan. 

As water is a way that set it roomie? 

Water roomie that he coagulate, is likely to bring the flour particles from the stem of palm sugar. As though, because roomie obstructed the flow of water, the water pressure roomie stronger so that it can bring flour starch sugar palm seems to stem churn and terlarut roomie in the flow of water. Particles of flour mixed with water roomie cause mass roomie into the water coagulate and alirannya slowed. I like that accumulate and clog the flow of water into roomie stopped. 

What is the consequence if this lasts long? 

If held too long will damage the capillary channel water roomie, like the human body, which eventually cut the rot a little by little. If too long finally stem the flower stalks can not remove the water roomie, because the channel kapilernya is damaged by water particles roomie sugar palm, which coagulate and difficult to remove from the capillary channel. 

(Actually I'm imagine, if at a future date palm sugar plantations have already started production, I want to dismiss workers (employees) service for 36 hours during the holiday, so pretty!) 

Then I set it shifts from the workers, not compromising the tree arennya roomie. Because if we stopped production must await the emergence of another bunch of interest or below. That we are still worried, lest the flow of water macetnya roomie in the stem of flower stalks at the top of an effect on the rod below permanently. So trees can no longer produces roomie. 

Kok result can be so? 

Can only occur as a result of the influence that extends not we sadapnya water roomie who was stuck, rod-rod cluster below do not want to niranya. If a loss is so very much, for the operation of each stalk can disadap to 3 months, sometimes up to 7 months is stuck in production. 

(Unfortunately indeed! 10 liters a day if it does ruginya, 10 liters of 3 to 7 months times 30 days, meaning loss of about 900 to 2,100 liters roomie. .. Rev. many! Is not too bad, if in Nunukan 1 Aqua bolol large (the contents of 1.5 liters) roomie is Rp 4,000, - per bottle. If there is 900 liters, 600 bottles, liters in 2100 if there is multiplied by 1,400 bottles of Rp 4,000, -, means the loss of Rp 2.4 million to Rp 5.6 million each flower stalks are not disadap). 

Indeed, each stalk can disadap up so long? 

Can, depending on the expertise of the tapper, other than it also depends on the pisaunya. Sadap sharp knife and must be mengirisnya expert and patient, so mengirisnya very thin one. The setipis paper. If so can be up to 7 months, as my parents first. (It first Pak Sarman parents often help tap at the Pak Sarman there are other purposes). 

(In fact, parents Pak Sarman in the first time in the village, which is in Enrekang Sulawesi, is a sugar palm tree tapper roomie. Enrekang region, it is a lot of sugar palm tree). 

Actually what makes tapping rod longstanding interest? 

Yes depending on the length of the rod itself interest and skill of the tap. Thus, the tree is a fertile and high-trunked with fresh green leaves and many flower stalks will be issued with ukuan big and long. The long and large flower stalk, the more will also roomie issued. Trunked tree stalk generally small bunches of flowers will also be small and short, if large stalks he will also short. This means that the stem firmly with large green leaves that affect the production of fresh water niranya later. 

How sugar palm tree with a short or a sugar palm tree genjah? 

There is a sugar palm tree is short, the age is also quite fast. Maybe about 5 years old can have captured the results. Trees are usually so genjah also produktifnya age is also not too long, not like a high tree. The number of segmentation also leaves fewer, meaning the number of candidates is also small bunches of flowers. In addition bunch of flowers usually also not too long, so penyadapannya also will not be long. 

(End sugar palm tree Genjah potential production will also be less compared with that long). 

Back to the cases of water roomie that coagulate. How to improve this situation? 

Water is set roomie could happen at the beginning of tapping. After beating the treatment of successive (periodic) is done, then sugar palm flower stalks showed signs have been able to water roomie. So we start bunches of flowers at slash the stalk end. Sometimes the water flows directly roomie with a clear and good, but sometimes also water roomie quite jell. If so we have to do some treatment to thin niranya back and run smoothly. 

There are the usual way I Sarman, and the sugar palm tapper in Nunukan, which is the knowledge derived from his parents in the village earlier in the Enrekang South Sulawesi. By the way, is quite simple, namely: 

How to use the first with turmeric. Turmeric and then cut in the former potongannya grind-it rubbed in the scar haft slice sadap interest in the sugar palm. Polish seam slice is done by a new carve slice, and then menggosoknya with turmeric. This is done repeatedly morning and afternoon as scheduled tapping. To penyembuhannya sometimes take up to 4 (four) days. However sebelunya effort also needs to be done cleaning or washing container vessel roomie palm sugar. If you need to be washed with clean sand so that once and not leave the former and dibilas with hot water. (If disterilisasi scientific language). 

The second way, can the use of betel leaf, which crushed and then rubbed scrape on the former sadap slice in sugar palm flower stalk was. Two ways this can be chosen one, depending on the material that is more easily obtained. Same way with the use of turmeric was done scrubbing with the betel leaf in the sadap incision scar on each morning and afternoon. Efforts to recover until this is done, that marked the return roomie flows smoothly and thin. This usually takes about 4 (four) days. 

The third is to find the grass reed, and the spiral-dipilin become quite long and tied in the trunk. The third way is by Mr. Sarman along with the usual way above the scrub. Reed that dipilin sweep was usually tied in the trunk not far from the flower stalk, which was experiencing problems. Be on the top, could also be on the bottom of the stalk flowers. 

How the fourth. There are also other farmers who suggest to tap in the trunk underneath. The reason for that is not part of sago starch out with the roomie, which eventually causes roomie to be set. According to Mr. Sarman, water roomie were usually rather thick and leaving a deposition that feels like sago flour is slippery when squeezed with fingers. The hole is not made too wide and not in, enough to provide a way out for the 'sago' excess. This is the way that I actually do not have been Sarman. 

What is the "disease" of water roomie set this experienced by each tree? 

No. Not every tree is susceptible to interference. That often occur, because the vessel is the shelter it dirty (contaminated-red). Roomie container of water that can cause dirty water roomie curdle. How to cope with the ways above, while the container vessel membersihakan roomie, with the way that washed clean even with the use of sand or dust and ashes dibilas kitchen with hot water. Do not forget to rub the wound-rubbing former incision sadap with turmeric or betel leaf and tie reed as a sign that trees are problematic.